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The Manager's Handbook

104 Solutions to Your Everyday Workplace Problems

Managers face countless challenges each day, after all, most managers aren’t just managing direct reports, they have their own workload to keep up with. From finding good hires to putting out fires, there's a lot on your plate.

But you’re not stuck managing the tricky situations managers face on your own, we’re here to help. With The Manager’s Handbook, you’ll get 104 solutions to your everyday workplace problems.

Employee performance issues, discipline problems, workplace conflicts, time management challenges, and more  you have to cope with them all. Give yourself a helping hand and get the guidance you need, from expert leaders, to navigate your way to success not stress. Even more important, don’t let unresolved problems eat into your work-life balance, knock them out, and keep on going.

The Manager’s Handbook doesn’t dive into lofty management theories, instead, it gives practical problem-solving advice in plain English.

Who is this book for?

New Managers

New to managing employees? We have the insight you need to develop a great management style and tackle difficult situations that you’re not certain how to handle. Learn to lead with confidence knowing this handy guidebook is always at your side.

Busy managers

When trying to balance countless competing priorities, personnel problems, and your own workload, sometimes you need a helping hand. When a difficult situation comes up, The Manager’s Handbook will help you address it quickly and efficiently so you can stay focused on the tasks you need to handle. 

Experienced managers in a changing work environment

You may have years of management experience, but workplaces are constantly changing and you never know when something will come up that throws a curve ball your way. Don’t let that derail your day, address it, and get back to the work you want to be focusing on. 

Aspiring managers

You may not be a manager yet, but if you’re looking to advance, or to set a good example for your peers, you need to grow and display your leadership skills. This book will help you tackle whatever challenges may arise, so when the opportunity for a promotion comes up, you’ve already proven management capabilities. 

Human resources professionals

This book will help you address many of your own challenges, but also prove to be a resource you can share with managers at your company. With The Manager’s Handbook, you’ll be the go-to HR leader with all the answers. Use these tools as templates to give leaders, as part of a manager training program, or one-off suggestions when managers approach you with tricky situations. 


Spearheading a start-up? Leading your own small business? This book will cover the leadership skills you need so you can spend more time focusing on making your business successful and managing a highly skilled team, and less time fretting about management issues. 

What’s included in the The Manager’s Handbook

With 104 solutions over nearly 200 pages, The Manager’s Handbook has the advice you need to tackle a wide variety of challenges you’ll encounter. The solutions are organized into eight sections on the following topics: communication skills, coaching & motivation, discipline & termination, employee performance, hiring & interviewing, leading teams, management skills, and legal risks. Beyond the helpful information you'll find, these sections include quizzes and self-assessments, each a mini-handbook on its own.

Communication Skills

From earning employees’ trust to inspiring healthy conflict

Make criticism truly constructive. You may think your feedback is constructive, but how can you know if an employee will really take it the right way? Follow this advice and you’ll be sure.
Don’t get slammed by your open-door policy. How to remain accessible without getting swamped by visitors.
Customizing feedback: 9 personality types. Tailor your feedback to the person receiving it, and watch the effectiveness soar.
The art of persuasion: How to sell ideas to your staff. Even the best ideas are doomed to fail if you can’t get buy-in from your team.

Coaching & Motivating

Mentor employees, help set goals, and develop the essential skills needed to succeed

Ensure MVPs keep playing on your team. In a competitive job market, don’t neglect your top-performing employees. Keep star performers engaged and on your team.
A 4-step plan for coaching “problem employees.” When faced with a poor-performing or disruptive employee, it’s easy to wait and hope the situation will improve, but problems rarely solve themselves, and left unattended can lead to deteriorating morale, weaker productivity, and possibly even legal trouble.
Empower them: 7 ways to help employees grow. This seven-step model will help you encourage and motivate employees to build confidence, feel empowered, make decisions, and take risks.
Getting top employees out of a workplace rut. Don’t let top employees stagnate. Discover what they want and what motivates them, and align their work goals with their interests to get the most out of these top performers.

Discipline & Termination

How to be fair but firm, and stay out of court

Having “the talk:” wise words for discipline discussions. Address problem, or sub-par, behavior before it becomes a larger issue, while carefully navigating the legal minefield.
Documenting discipline: 3 cardinal rules. Documentation won’t just make the discipline process easier, it’ll help keep you out of court.
Employee insubordinate? How to handle it legally. Understand how to properly define insubordinate behavior, and then how to properly address it should the behavior continue.
When you have to fire someone: A manager’s primer. You have the right to fire an employee who isn’t performing. But how you do it will determine if the decision comes back to haunt you or not.

Employee Performance

Give critical feedback that gets employees to meet your expectations (or exceed them)

How to confront mistake-prone employees. Address mistakes constructively, give guidance to poor performers, and get to the root of the problem, without making employees defensive.
Set clear, meaningful goals: 5 tips. Meaningful and well-defined goals can help employees succeed, but poorly defined ones can simply be a distraction.
Use performance logs to simplify employee performance reviews. Don’t scramble at the last minute, or succumb to recency bias. Handle performance reviews with confidence (and notes) instead.
Employees ignoring feedback? What to do. Employees may sound open to feedback when you approach them, but that doesn’t always translate into real changed behavior. When that happens, it’s important to clear up any room for confusion and hold employees accountable.

Hiring & Interviewing

Everything from how to spot padded résumés to measuring the results of your decisions and onboarding new employees to set them up for success

Top 7 reasons why the wrong people get hired. Don’t mistake credentials for accomplishment, determine if a candidate’s experience really is a good match.
Interviewing: The 10 most common manager mistakes. These common mistakes could mean hiring the wrong fit, or missing out on a superstar candidate.
Lights, camera, video job interviews. How do you read body language and get a good feel for candidates over a video interview? Are you presenting a good impression of your company? The rules of interviewing still apply, but how you execute them might  look a little different.
Interviewing: Close the sale with the right message. Interviewing isn’t just about finding the right candidate, candidates are also looking for the right company and position. In a competitive job market, make sure you don’t lose a perfect candidate once you make an offer.

Leading Teams

Get buy-in for new initiatives, improve employee engagement, make the most out of team brainstorming sessions, and maximize your team’s potential

7 strategies for building team loyalty. Team loyalty doesn’t happen on its own, managers have to work at building it. The rewards of doing so successfully can be immense.
Better brainstorming: How to inspire creativity. From outspoken employees to bright but quiet team members, get the most out of your team brainstorming sessions.
Team dysfunction: Why it happens; how to fix it. Unpack the 5 big causes of team dysfunction and how managers can combat them.
Let self-managing teams thrive. Don’t stifle competent employees by micromanaging. Learn what support your team needs, and give them the tools to thrive while leaving you free to direct your attention where it’s needed.

Management Skills

From the top 10 manager mistakes to 11 tips for hosting meetings that inspire your people, master the effective management skills you need in today’s workplace

Top 10 mistakes managers make. Don’t let these common mistakes sabotage your leadership.
Solve employee conflicts - in just one hour. Don’t let conflict derail your department, address it quickly and efficiently.
When delegating work goes wrong... From setting clear timeframes to handling employees who refuse to take on responsibilities.
11 tips for hosting meetings that engage and inspire. Meetings are a valuable and vital part of managing employees, but when handled poorly, they’re distracting, waste time, and can frustrate employees.

Legal Risks

The must-have knowledge to help keep your company—and yourself—out of harm’s way

Top 10 employment laws every manager should know. Ignorance won’t hold up as a defense in the courtroom. Know the basics of these essential laws and how to implement them.
12 manager mistakes that spark lawsuits. Inflated appraisals, shrugging off complaints, changing your story, and 9 more things a vindictive employee would love to sue you for.
Employee documents: What to keep, what to toss. Know which records you’re required to hold on to (and how long the retention period is) and which documents are just clutter.
What managers need to know about the FMLA, ADA, and more. Do you know how to recognize an FMLA request? What’s the first step you should take when it comes up? Is an ADA accommodation reasonable, or do you have a right to refuse? Managers regularly have to interact with these complicated laws, so don’t get caught unprepared.

You’ll consult this handbook weekly, perhaps even daily. Whenever a problem crops up, your handbook will be at your fingertips. Not convinced yet?

Let’s take a look at just a few examples of the many situations addressed in The Manager’s Handbook


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Don’t wait until you’re drowning in problems to act. Get your copy of The Manager’s Handbook now, and be ready to tackle management’s many challenges before they arise.

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